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New Shade Structure and Rainwater Harvesting System at Fordham Beford Community Garden

Updated: May 7, 2020


After several workdays over a month or so, the new shade structure and rainwater harvesting system was finished at Fordham Bedford Lotbusters Community Garden in the Bronx.  We had several groups help with this project.  Early in June we had a cleanup day that including get rid of the wood from the old gazebo–see the post here.  Since then we had a couple of workdays with the Fordham STEP program which included a day of leveling the soil and a day of digging and setting the posts.  Finally, we had a couple days of construction on the actual structure and the installation of the roofing and rainwater harvesting system.  Thanks so much to all of the volunteers, including several gardeners from Fordham Bedford Lotbusters Community Garden.  Also, a big thank you to Bronx Green-Up, and our carpenter for the project–Gary Baum, of City Beautiful Carpentry  See pictures of the entire process in the slideshow below.

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