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About Us History and Misson


All of our gardens were slated for sale by the city in 1999, which would have led to their certain demolition. Today these 18 gardens are vibrant, thriving gardens and safe havens in their communities.

The Bronx Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that embraces a family of 18 gardens established by gardeners to support and sustain community gardening throughout the Bronx.


Our collective mission is to preserve, improve, and promote community managed open spaces for the benefit of all.

Moving Forward

The Bronx Land Trust believes that NYC’s neighborhoods should be healthy and safe places to live, where residents have the ability to grow their own food and maintain green spaces where they can relax, play, and celebrate. The challenge facing us is becoming sustainable nonprofit organizations, with effective governance and the ability to raise funds for operations and special projects so that the gardens grow and thrive forever.

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