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Improvements at Daly Avenue Garden

Updated: May 7, 2020


Daly Avenue Garden in the Bronx has been undergoing some major changes this summer.  One project that was recently completed was a new children’s area that was planned and built by the Gear Up program of the New York Botanical Garden.  The new children’s area includes a vegetable bed, herb bed, and an ornamental bed.  The beds include descriptions of some of the plants in order to teach children more about different varieties of plants.  Throughout the summer, Bronx Green-Up has also helped out on several projects including bringing out woodchips, mulch, and a variety of different plants.  Most recently Bronx Green-Up planted a number of new plants–including several evergreens–with the help of the Harlem Hard Hats and several gardeners.  Thanks so much for everyone’s help–the garden looks amazing!

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