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Annual Meetings and Highlights from the Past Season

Updated: May 7, 2020

The Bronx Land Trust and Manhattan Land Trust had their annual meetings on Saturday, March 26th.  The meetings were a chance for the land trust staff to share about the work they have completed over the past year.  Gardeners also had a chance to share about the events that have occurred in their own gardens.  Finally, this year was especially important as gardeners voted to accept conveyance of the gardens to their respective land trusts, paving the way for the land trusts to officially own the gardens!

The meetings were also a chance to share some highlights from the past season of work including:

  1. Over 36 workdays in Bronx and Manhattan gardens

  2. 5 rainwater harvesting systems installed

  3. 2 gazebos/pavilions built

  4. 2 health fairs and 5 gardening workshops hosted by gardens

  5. Gardens served as training grounds for the New York Botanical Garden Bronx Green-Up program,  the Sustainable South Bronx BEST Eco program, and youth in the Harlem Hard H.A.T.S program.

  6. Hundreds of volunteers served in gardens through New York Cares volunteer days.

  7. The Bronx Land Trust served 293 families gardening in 18 gardens.

  8. The Manhattan Land Trust served 237 families gardening in 14 gardens.

Thanks for a great year!

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