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Building Picnic Tables at Daly Avenue Garden with SSBX and BGU

Updated: May 7, 2020

We had our first work day of the year yesterday at Daly Avenue Community Garden in the Bronx.  The Sustainable South Bronx (SSBX) BEST ECO team along with Bronx Green-Up braved the cold and by the end of the day, turned a stack of boards into two beautiful, sturdy picnic tables and four benches.  The gardeners will be able to use the picnic tables and benches for years to come.  We will be continuing work projects at Daly Avenue Community Garden throughout the season, as we work to revitalize the garden.  We have a busy weekend coming up–on Saturday March 5th, we will be having an organizing meeting for Carver Community Garden in East Harlem in the morning at 10am at the 125th St. branch of the NYPL.  In the afternoon, we will be back at Daly Avenue holding an organizing meeting at 1pm, followed by pruning with Bronx Green-Up. 

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