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10 great reasons why you should join our efforts


  • Jump starts community development.

  • Creates social bonds. A wonderful way to socialize and meet new people who are working toward a common goal. Forges inter-generational and cross-cultural connections. There is no stereotypical gardener. Many community gardens attract a cross-section of the communities they serve, regardless of age, nationality and knowledge.

  • Encourages self-reliance. Grow your own dinner and see how good it feels.

  • Beautifies neighborhoods. What’s nicer to look at, an abandoned lot or a thriving garden? Add beauty to your community attributing to a “green space”.

  • Conserves resources by reducing the amount of energy it takes to transport your food.

  • Produces nutritious food, especially if you grow organic. Studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetables have up to 40% more disease-fighting antioxidants than conventionally grown produce.

  • Great exercise. Did you know that you can burn 150 calories during a 30-45 minute session in the garden?

  • Improves quality of life, especially for gardeners who lack access to a peaceful outdoor space.

  • Save money and grow your own! Or perhaps grow a row for the hungry.

  • Community gardens are good for the environment reducing air pollution and producing oxygen.


Urban community gardens need strong leaders and grassroots support. We mobilize neighborhoods and help gardeners build leadership skills so that they can effectively manage their gardens and shape the future of their communities.

To ensure the future of our community gardens in the Bronx, we need your support! If you are interested in gardening with us, please contact us at:

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